Co je co2in


The key to tackling climate change is a fast transition to sustainable energy production, energy efficiency and fair market conditions for handling negative externalities. That’s why we created CO2IN.

CO2IN (read and pronounced like the English “coin”) is a virtual tool that enables companies and individuals alike to fight climate change. Via CO2IN’s simple mobile app, anyone can buy and trade the emission allowances that would otherwise be used by Europe’s greatest emitters to produce more CO2.

The main goals of this project are:

  • to increase the demand for the EU ETS emission allowances
  • to introduce the EU ETS system to the non-EU countries and motivate them to implement the system globally
  • to extend the EU ETS to all sectors
  • to make the process of reducing emissions – traditionally weighted down by the complex tax and legislative measures – simple and transparent
  • to make carbon-efficient production accessible to everyone